Check out some Fashion Accessories Golden Rules

shoesIn everything, there are certain rules to consider. In this case, when considering fashion we should also bear in mind that people have different shape and every person is beautiful in their own way. Some have nice (narrow and broad) waist, nice legs, some nice curves and bodily figures showing how unique everybody is in their own way. Understanding your body shape and physique coupled with basic fashion guidelines helps maintain composure and elegance.

To avoid low self-esteem and hitting new height in the fashion world, below are simple guidelines to look up to:

  1. Self-confidence/composure – the key to fashion beauty is believing in yourself. Self-confidence is important when you want to set yourself on a modern trend of fashion. Therefore believing that you are wearing and carrying the right fashion accessories set you miles apart from the ORDINARY.
  2. Body shape and proportion – body shape varies from one person to another but the good news is that all body shapes have a complementing fashion style. Never feel intimidated by your friend’s shape, rather make sure that you get to know your shape and the type of cloth and accessories to make up your outfit.
  3. Fitting – if you’ve been finding it difficult to get a well sown cloth for better complement, then here is a tip on how you can go about that. First and foremost make sure the cloth fit your body measurement (avoid too tight and too loose) and get cloths that portray your personality. Just keep it simple, elegant, and fitting and I bet you will be far away from ordinary.

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